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Our leadership team at Collision finds inspiration from many different sources. Listed below are some of our favorite books and media resources. This list will change monthly so be sure to visit frequently as we add new resources.

Multiply by Francis Chan Book: Multiply by Francis Chan

The latest book from Francis Chan isn't revolutionary by any means. In fact it goes back to the basics of what Christ taught his disciples! Multiply is one of the most well written books on discipleship that I've ever read. From the language that is used to the free resources that are available on-line to go with the book, this is a must buy for any Christian. Our churches have to get back to what discipleship is all about and it starts with us know how we can make disciples in everyday life. Discipleship wasn't just a good idea, it was a command from Jesus himself.

Recommended By: Ryan Gutowski
Purchase From: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local bookstore. Website:

The face of pro sports are usually filled with attitudes and public outbursts. The Increase is a resource that shows the faith stories behind professional athletes. As an extension of Pro Athletes Outreach (PAO), this website gives the testimonies of athletes to the visitor free of charge. It's an awesome resource for bible study leaders, pastors and anyone wanting to share God with others.

Recommended By: Ryan Gutowski
Visit the site today:

You Lost Me by David Kinnaman Book: You Lost Me by David Kinnaman

This book is really geared toward anyone that sees the issue of twenty-somethings disengaging from the church here in America. It's been amazing to read through the analysis from studies, research and interviews from Barna Research Group. David Kinnaman really breaks down the issues that the church faces in trying to reach our generation.

Recommended By: Ryan Gutowski
Purchase From: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Lifeway or your local bookstore.

Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas Book: Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

"What if God designed marriage to make us Holy more than to make us happy?" In struggling and seeking to learn more about the marriage relationship, I knew there had to be more to it. After calling off my own engagement, I knew God has wanted me to dig deeper before saying "I Do". This is a great book for the engaged, married, and especially the single or dating.

Recommended By: Karlene Donahue
Purchase From: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Lifeway or your local bookstore.

The Art of Being You by Bob Kilpatrick Book: The Art of Being You by Bob Kilpatrick

This book really helps us to learn our identity in Christ as His masterpiece and not how we see ourselves.

Recommended By: Ethan Spivey
Purchase From: Amazon, or your local bookstore.

New Material Coming Soon

This Spring we'll be posting bible study materials written for a 6 week study. Look for this and additional resources as a FREE download very soon!

Global Missions Resources

In order to understand how we can share the message of Christ around the world, we have to educate ourselves on global needs. Here are a couple resources that we use as a ministry to pray for nations around the world:

Joshua Project - This website is a huge help in understanding unreached people groups from around the world. Filled with stats, facts and much more, this is a resource you should definitely check out.

The Traveling Team - An inspiring resource that includes a focus on missions work done around the world by college and twentysomethings.

Live Dead - This team based initiative is helping to reach the people of East Africa for Jesus Christ. This is a great resource to better understand that area of the world and how we can pray for those who don't know Christ in this region.